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What exciting things sprung up in the last few months!

Check out what has been going on in the Embodied Leadership Project so far this Spring

Hampshire Staff and Faculty Workshop/Visioning Session

On April 14th, The Embodied Leadership Project offered a staff and faculty visioning session at Hampshire. It was wonderful to get to connect, research, think, and dialogue with faculty and staff from the Dance Program, Culture Brain and Development, Ethics and the Common Good, and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Non Profit Status

In early April, the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies had their board meeting and voted to act as our fiscal sponsor! I am so grateful for this support and the opportunity to get to continue working along side Herb Bernstein and the Institute.

The Young Women's Program's leadership team

The Young Women's Program is a non profit initiative that uses dance and music to invite high school and college young women into the research and study of the power of connection.

Our programming supports leadership and college access through inviting marginalized high school young women in the Pioneer Valley to Hampshire College where they collaborate with young women college students from the Five Colleges in learning embodied and emotional intelligence. The program is open to young women of color and their white women allies.

This march, with support from the Childhood, Youth, and Learning Program at Hampshire College, I was so excited to begin weekly training with the leadership team to prepare for our 2017/2018 year programming!

The leadership team is designed to connect high school and college young women and develop their leadership skills through the promotion and co-facilitation of our spring intensive.

We meet weekly and delve into the research and study of what connection means, how it feels to each one of us, and how to facilitate inviting others into this practice. In summer and fall we will create material for lecture/demonstrations, offer community events, and do outreach for our spring program!

CLPP Conference

In early April, it was such a joy to facilitate a workshop at the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference this year at Hampshire College. This was the second year doing this workshop and I always enjoy getting to research and discuss with the brilliant minds that come to CLPP.

American College Dance Association Festival (ACDA)

In late March, I taught a workshop at the American College Dance Association Festival (ACDA)This was beautiful and shared some of the material that we work on in the Young Women's Program that I call Embodying Polyrhythm. This dance research explores connection through looking at the relationship between the rhythms of the drum, the dance, and the rhythms of our collective emotional pulse (limbic resonance).

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