• The Embodied Leadership Project

    researching and studying the power of connection

  • What the Project Does

    The Embodied Leadership Project consists of workshops, programming, and online material that invites people into the research and study of the power of connection.


    Our theory is rooted in social neuroscience; connection between beings is something physiological, something that is experienced in the body. It involves our nervous system synchronizing with another person's nervous system.


    When we feel connected we have the experience of feeling heard, feeling seen, feeling valued. This feeling has the power to change our reality.


    A connected community creates a new paradigm. A paradigm where more of the brain's intelligence and creativity is available. A paradigm where more possibilities are available. A paradigm where new relationships across cultural and racial differences can be created and existing ones can be healed.


    Through our workshops and programs we create opportunities for people to experience being connected. We facilitate a process of not only cultivating connection but looking critically at that process so that participants are empowered to recreate this feeling in their own lives and work.

  • Workshops & Programs

    Workshops, Lectures and Talks

    Our workshops gently invite participants into a state of connection through exercises in listening and play. They introduce theory in a digestible way. Our bodies and emotional relationships are both vulnerable realms which can bring up some fear, anxiety or discomfort for people. We are sensitive to the fact that this is vulnerable work and our workshops are carefully created to be nourishing for the nervous system and enjoyable for each person. Participants can expect to come away feeling replenished in body and mind and with simple tools they can use in their lives and work.


    We do several frameworks


    1. Intro to The Power of Connection Workshop

    lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours. This presents the theory, explores connection, and provides several exercises and skills.


    2. Cultivating Connection: Leadership Training

    can last anywhere from a half day to a day or several days long. In this training, participants delve deeply into the experiential research of connection, explore theory, and develop skills to create more connection in any situation.


    3. The Embodied Leadership Project is directed by Jamila Jackson. She is available to do talks/lectures on the power of connection and the project's research.

    Youth Leadership

    Our youth leadership program is a non profit initiative that uses dance and music to invite high school and college young women into the research and study of the power of connection.


    Our programming supports leadership and college access through inviting marginalized high school young women in the Pioneer Valley to Hampshire College where they collaborate with young women college students from the Five Colleges in learning embodied and emotional intelligence. The program is open to young women of color and their white women allies.


    We are currently fiscally sponsored by The Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. We are excited to be collaborating with Hampshire College's Ethics and the Common Good Program, The Childhood Youth and Learning Program, Hampshire Dance Program, and local schools.



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    The Embodied Leadership Project is directed by Jamila Jackson. Originally from Berkeley, CA, Jamila's background is in dance, emotional and trauma release work, youth leadership, and community building. She received her B.A. from Hampshire College and now works there doing dance administration and facilitating The Embodied Leadership Project's Young Women's Program.


    If you have any questions or want more information please feel free to email Jamila at: jjackson@hampshire.edu

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